Sharing Learning Outside the Classroom

Technology Enhanced Learning for Sexual Health

Hi, thanks for visiting my site.  As time goes by, you will see a growing number of some of my keynote presentations and purpose-made mini-documentary styled productions, provided in various technology enhanced learning formats.

My aim is to spread positive messages about sexual health and well-being – outside the classroom – both far and wide.  When I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, in 2014, I decided that my professional development would centre around ways of telling the stories of sexual health, to audiences further afield than the local classroom.  At first I wanted to learn how to write and make documentary films; that wasn’t possible within the confines of my role and department.  So I am attempting to learn about documentary film making, as well as learning to use various e-learning, audio / video-capturing and other film-editing software and equipment, to spread the message of sexualities and genders: health and well-being.

Please feel free to leave comments on the various pages, and to share these messages with others.  I wish to thank the Higher Education Academy (as of 2018, re-branded as AdvanceHEfor awarding me an NTF and inspiring me to inspire others!

Best wishes,