2016 – Belfast Sexual Health

22nd Regional Sexual Health Conference

Northern Ireland


23 November 2016

When I asked the organisers how they ‘found’ me, to ask me to present at their conference, they said: “We follow you on Twitter; we read articles you’ve written and announce on Twitter, and we know an ex-e-learning student of yours, who recommends you!”

#Blessed 🙂

A keynote presentation:

“LGB&T+ People’s resilience

in Northern Ireland”


A few years ago, I shared findings from a review of research studies in a presentation entitled: “Queer Resilience or Resilient Queers?! (UK LGBT Health Summit, University of Kent). 

Sexuality orientations, identities, attractions and behaviours are never so containable as to be boxed-off by a label; but the labels used by, and of, some people are what necessitate our focus on resilience, for LGB&T+ people, especially in Northern Ireland.  What is resilience for them / us?  Why do they / we need it?  And Who, Where, When and How might Health and Social Care Professionals intentionally promote it across their services?

This presentation, at the 22nd Annual Regional Sexual Health Conference, Northern Ireland, aims to encourage health and social care professionals to make resilience-building, with and for LGB&T+ people in Northern Ireland, an imperative for good practice.

Click the icon for the live video recording with integrated Prezi presentation.

LGBT resilience - NI


I had to rush through a few slides at the end of the live presentation, due to running out of time, so click here for the original full Prezi (without video), to view at your leisure.  If you click for “full screen” view, then use the right / left arrow keys to move forward / backwards.  All comments gratefully received, lower down this page.

With thank to Joe Harris, Sexual Health Coordinator, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, the chief organiser of the conference, and to Lyn and Eleanor for the video production.


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