2017 – LGB&T+ Staff Forum Profile

ORNC Rainbow Gates - 25 June 2017

In 2016/17, members of my University’s LGBT+ Staff Forum were encouraged to write a personal profile page, addressing a number of topics and questions.  This initiative was to help raise awareness of the ways in which we celebrate and intentionally promote equality and diversity, as well as to contribute to our Stonewall Employer Championship status.  I was happy to do so, but decided on videoing my profile, in stead of writing it.  Here’s my effort for @UoG_LGBT


And now, an update for 2018: 

In May 2018, I heard that my application to become a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy had been accepted.

PFHEA certificate - DTE - 2018

PFHEA is certification for strategic leadership of education and learning, at a national / international level. My full documentation for PFHEA is available here: https://drdavidevanspfhea.wordpress.com/

Given that there are around 100,000 Fellows of the Higher Education Academy in the UK, about 1,000 PFHEAs and c. 700 National Teaching Fellows, then I am truly honoured to be in the two great “minorities”!

Also, in 2018 (1st September) I commenced in my new role, as Professor in Sexualities and Genders: health & well-being, at the University of Greenwich.

Professor David Evans – introduction