2018 – God, Sex, Death & Dying

Hospice of St Francis

B r e a k i n g  T a b o o s

God, Sex, Death &  Dying

The Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire  @HospiceStFrancis

On 27th March, 2018, I was honoured to have delivered a presentation to cross-discipline hospice, palliative and community care professionals, from various services in Hertfordshire.  The session focused on themes which linked together my clinical practice as a nurse, some thanatological (death & dying) studies in Theology, pastoral practice as Roman Catholic priest and hospice chaplain, and as a teacher in sexual health, including my early days of HIV client care and studies.  Rarely do I get the opportunity to combine the multi-potential impact from across all of my career pathways as clearly as this!

I attended the whole day conference, and heard some wonderful presentations aimed at ‘breaking taboos’ in relation to:

  • talking about uncertainty and dying

  • talking about God, life and meaning

  • talking about death, funeral and myth-busting

Then followed my session, the last one of the day.  You can watch the live video by clicking the image below (video lasts about 1 hour 10 minutes), and, as always, feel free to leave your comments or likes (if you do) further down the page.  Despite such a serious topic, there was some great laughter throughout, which always helps to break the ice, dispel myths, challenge and overcome taboos!

Thank you.  I hope you find this presentation helpful. (Related pages shown below)



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