2019 – HIV & SAIs for Midwifery Students

Over the past few months, I have been learning some amazing new programmes and skills, via Adobe Educational Exchange, for Adobe Spark and Rush.  Each CPD course I undertake, I get CPD certificates and badges; one of my colleagues told me I need to get out more!  But – call me a geek – I love it!

Midwifery and HIV Prezi

My latest creation, which I shared in class and on-line, in May 2019, is linked below.  It contains my Prezi on the “Physical, psychological and social effects of pregnancy and childbirth in women living with HIV“.  Although not a midwife myself, I was the first male student nurse (SRN), from Neath General Hospital, to undertake the obstetric secondment, at Mount Pleasant Hospital, Swansea, when the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) was first enacted.  Maybe it’s about time I wrote up some of those stories, especially the humorous elements, for my ‘memoirs’ pages here on WordPress.

People who have seen me teach know how I love enfleshing the theory and topic under discussion with examples from real life and real people. It was truly beneficial for this specific teaching session that I could draw on research evidence from two PhDs I have examined in the past couple of years. The first was especially relevant to antenatal maternity services offering the opt-out system for HIV testing (now, routine across the UK). The thesis reported how some women felt obliged to opt out, due to particular cultural reasons, such as having to get their husband’s permission for any form of health care, testing, or support group attendance; another big reason was when women said “When I married my husband, I was a virgin.  I’ve only ever had sex with him.  If I am HIV+, then it has only come from him!  How would I have ‘that’ conversation with him?!?”  So they would rather not test, rather not know!

Dr Matthew Nyashanu (PhD 2017, Wolverhampton)

“Beliefs and Perceptions in the construction of HIV stigma and sexual health seeking behaviour among Black sub-Sahara African (BSSA) communities in Birmingham, UK”

The second PhD study relevant to my teaching of midwifery students focused on pregnancy choices and HIV.  I know I have said this time and time again, but when I first started working in HIV client care, never ever could we have imagined the world would be where we are now, in relation to successful HIV medications, especially in reproductive health and maternity services.

Dr Jaruwan Kownaklia (PhD 2018, Hull)

“HIV-positive Thai women’s decision-making processes around pregnancy: a grounded theory study”

Here’s the Adobe Spark page (click the image, to open in a new tab, then just scroll down the page).  It’s even got a couple of brief (Adobe Spark) videos in it – you’ll need your volume on for the ‘roses’ video and the STI Knowledge one.

“HIV and SAIs”  Wondering what the “SAIs” are?  Watch the “roses” video!

Feel free to leave any comments below, or tweet me @David_T_Evans

HIV and SIAS for midwifery students - May 2019

For information about sexual health modules and programmes at the University of Greenwich, including “top up” MA Health Care Practice and the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice, visit www.gre.ac.uk

Thanks to my dear friend and sexual health (Greenwich) graduate, Sadie Hafford, for her expert HIV & midwifery advice.




3 thoughts on “2019 – HIV & SAIs for Midwifery Students

  1. Sadie Hafford says:

    David you are an amazing inspiration to all in sexual health. You have an amazing teaching skill and really know how to do a presentation. Many professionals will learn so much from you and as clinicians let’s hope we can eliminate prejudice and stigma within HIV. I am honoured to work with such strong women who themselves have taught me so much. X

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dr David T Evans, OBE NTF PFHEA says:

      Sadie, you are so wonderfully kind. Thank you. Whenever I teach midwifery students, I ask “Do you know Saddie Hafford? She did her top up BSc(Hons) sexual health with us! So many say “yes”, they’ve worked with you, or know of you, and say how brilliant you are and have taught them so much. That’s impact!
      David x


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