2015 – ExPLISSIT Malta

Being Ex-PLISSIT with SRE in Malta


3 October 2015

at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valetta


ExPLISSIT main screen

The #ExPLISSITmalta events consisted of two seminars with head teachers and a full day’s conference, for educationalists, nurses, medical doctors and voluntary-sector personnel interested in the topic of Sexuality and Relationships Education (SRE) for young people in Malta.

The events were organised for the Government of Malta’s Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate by Joanne Farrugia (Sexual Health Nurse), Stephen Camilleri (Educational Officer) and Dr Charmaine Gauci (Director HPDPD) and hosted by The Hon Mr Evarist Bartolo, Minister of State for Education and Employment and The Hon Mr Christopher Fearne, Parliamentary Secretary for Health.

Conference Programme

Introduction  by Dr Charmain Gauci, Director of the health promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate

A play by Chris Scerri and Tanya Agius Borg

Welcome and Introduction by The Hon Mr E Bartolo

Welcome and Introduction by The Hon Mr C Fearne

Keynote presentation: “Being Ex-PLISSIT in Sexuality and Relationship Education”, Dr David Evans

Click here, for David’s live video presentation


  • Let’s be Ex-PLISSIT: the heart and mind. Ms Joanne Farrugia & Dr David Evans
  • Values and opportunities in cross-curricula SRE. Dr R Bugeja
  • Informed choices – persons with disability and SRE. Dr C Azzopardi Lane
  • Porn: A more effective SRE educator? Mr M J Bartolo & Mr J Rapa
  • Young adult resource centre Wardija: a good practise model.

Closing remarks: Dr C Gauci.

Useful publications

Evans, D.T. (2005) Clever Dicks Do It In A Condom, Practice Nurse. October 2005, pp. 24-33

Evans, D.T. (2006) Life is sexually transmitted! Live with it. Practice Nursing. 17 (8): 401-405

Evans D.T. (2013) Promoting sexual health and wellbeing: the role of the nurse. Nursing Standard. 28 (10): 53-57 (Especially relevant for explaining the Ex-PLISSIT model, by Taylor and Davis, 2006).

Evans, D.T. & P. Watson (2015) Spotlight on sexual health and education for Military Veterans and Families, Education and Health, Vol 33 No 2 pp 47-51

Government of Malta (2011) National Sexual Health Strategy (English Version)

Hadley, A and D.T. Evans (2013) Teenage pregnancy and sexual health. Nursing Times. 109 (46): 22-27

Taylor, B and S.M. Taylor (2006) Using the Extended PLISSIT Model to address sexual healthcare needs. Nursing Standard. 21(11): 35-40, November 2006

Hon Mr Bartolo & Dr David Evans

The Hon Mr Bartolo & I both did masters degrees at Cardiff University (my home city), so I wore my University of Wales tie ‘to make him feel at home’ 🙂 

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