2015 – School Nurses’ Internat Conf

The original abstract for my presentation, at this prestigious bi-annual  School Nurses International Conference,  reads:

“School nursing services can be an indispensable element helping maximise children and young people’s sexual health and well-being, ultimately contributing to the development of their knowledge, skills and resilience fit for life.

Intentionally promoting children and young people’s (C&YP) sexual health and well-being needs to deal with the positive dimensions of sex and relationships, as well as (helping prevent) unintended consequences of sex, including all forms of gender and sexuality-based violence and discrimination (SCIE 2011; Hadley & Evans 2013).

A tensions exists where nurses, so well-versed in models of client care aiming / claiming to be “holistic”, face evidence of preventable aspects of sexual ill-health adversely affecting ‘body, mind and soul’ of the children they care for. So many elements of poor sexual health / preventable sexual ill-health might be proactively addressed by suitably skilled school nursing services and individual practitioners (Evans 2013).

Whether school nurses are involved in addressing holistic dimensions of sexual health, or aspects secondary to other conditions, or specifically in relation to sexual and / or reproductive health, underpinning practice with the Ex-PLISSIT model developed from J. Annon (1976) by Taylor and Davis (2006) provides ‘a world of opportunities’ for truly reflective practitioners to promote body, mind and soul through sexual health and well-being.”

No health wo SH - SNIC15

The use of Twitter, “trending” with the shared learning during the conference, was phenomenal! Over 6,000 #SNIC16 tweets were posted, with key organisers and myself (not a school nurse, and only present for 2 days) mentioned in tweet to the Prime Minister!

Here is a live video recording combining my Prezi into Panopto (Thanks to Josh at Panopto for the help integrating this and Shaun White @BrightBulbUK for videoing it).

(NB If the video seems to cut short at the end, just press the blue circle / play button underneath the Prezi and it continues right to the very end).  Comments section below, if you wish to.


Taylor, B and S.M. Davis (2006) Using the Extended PLISSIT Model to address sexual healthcare needs, Nursing Standard, 21 (11): 35-40, November 2006.

Evans, D.T. (2013) Promoting Sexual health and well-being: the role of the nurse; Nursing Standard, 28 (10): 53-57, November 2013.

Evans, D.T. and P. Watson (2015) Spotlight on sexual health and education for military, veterans and families, Education and Health Vol. 33 No. 2 www.sheu.org.uk

Want to see another video presentation?  Then why not click on the “Flick it with a pencil” icon on my main home page, to see a seminar presentation on my doctoral thesis, which focused on sexual health education for nurses in England?

10 thoughts on “2015 – School Nurses’ Internat Conf

  1. davidtevans says:

    Hi Everyone, thanks for viewing this. Feel free to leave any feedback. I am still such a novice at all of these sites that I am not sure I’ve set this up right for comments 😦 David


  2. John Dougan says:

    Brilliant! The way you held them all, and after lunch, too! It was raucous at times but it was obvious that your audience were really with you. When you introduced the model at the end, they were quieter and obviously listening.

    Technically, I liked the way the video played alongside the slides so that we could see you and the slides. I’ve never seen that before.

    Liked by 1 person

    • davidtevans says:

      Hi John, thanks so much 🙂 I wasnt sure if I had set this comment box up properly, as quite a few have commented via twitter instead 🙂 Thanks for watching this. Best wishes. David x


  3. Karen Aled says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation at the conference and appreciate the opportunity to revisit this afterwards. There was so much information over the 4 days it was hard to assimilate it all. It also means I can signpost colleagues to enable a wider audience. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • davidtevans says:

      Oh, thank you SO much Karen, that’s lovely news. So glad you liked the presentation and the video capture. Yes, please feel free to signpost it to others (and watch out for more I am doing here 🙂 and tell them any feedback gratefully received. Best wishes. David


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